A Revolution of Change

The bond of like-minded souls is indestructible. I just read that somewhere! The open microphone has always been the voice of the revolution. I just made that up!

Sometimes I sit back in amazement and awe at the gatherings we have created around the open microphone. From the Mussel Inn to the Dangerous Kitchen and the MAD Café, sometimes I get the sense that something is brewing. Like Dylan sings, “…something is happening here, but you don’t know what it is, do you, Mr Jones…” That’s the exciting thing – to be part of something that is as elusive as the wind and as powerful as the hurricane.

Become indestructible in October. Join the peaceful revolution behind the OPEN MICROPHONE; join the quiet revolution that is the GATHERED AUDIENCE. Open microphones this month are turning up the volume at our usual venues – love to see you at one of them! Gathering together is good for the soul; good for belief; good for bringing about change and good for feeling community!

Mark Raffills
Golden Bay Live Poets Society


Like-minded Resistance

In the dark room off the side street
they congregate, like-minds, together,
complete in the shadowy light.

Two or three by flickering candle
sup on wine and broken bread,
a simple revolution by this glory read.

This indestructible side-street bond,
forged by prayer and song and sun
is sustained by that of God in everyone.

In the gathering of these tight hearts,
in the power of this love connected,
the immoveable begins to move apart.

Mark Raffills