We have a strong foundation, a long dream and the certainty of what we know; we have the power of friendship, the strength of truth and the courage of belief. These are the things that tend to define us, make us who we are, stand us firm in the uncertain hour. These are the things that drive us to the microphone to sing and to speak of those things we know and believe. There is much to uncover, much to do. The race is not over. We cannot be silent and we will not leave quietly, even while “the winds of changes shift.”

So take your place either behind or in front of, the microphone this month at one of our fabulous open microphone sessions. We have a few to choose from. Speak your heart, sing your soul. Stake your place. Love the community that is gathering on these occasions – we gather so that we know we are not alone. See you at the microphone!


Mark Raffills
Golden Bay Live Poets Society


We were ‘old friends’ bathed in the endless glory of Simon and Garfunkel’s ‘American Tune’. Me and Kennedy, talking about faithful songs, faithful friends, getting older and holding joy to the times we knew, knowing still that all things shall we well. To friendship. Thanks again to Dr Jeff Obadiah Simmonds for putting the video together.


yes it was an old dream
warm and expectant
now a little worn
but for the faith that sustains it
but for the song that old men still hum
in the evening
reminding the sun to come again

and there are those
who would cut out our tongues
sever our hands
and hobble our feet
but nothing can silence
the heart of the faithful song
that sings of freedom
that dreams of flying

and when will you be home
my old friend
and when shall we sit
and hum tunes together
sing faithful songs
and build new dreams
on the certainty
of the old

Mark Raffills