Crafting a community family

Every time we stand behind the microphone, step over fear and stand on nervousness to speak and sing, we strengthen our own hearts, we build community, we become family. And what a strong community family we have become in 2022!

To everyone who has read a poem, sung a song, played a tune or talked about their craft at one of our open microphone events, thank you so much. You have enlivened your own soul and fed hungry hearts, boosted your confidence and had a heap of fun and fellowship while doing it.

And to our audience who have shown up regularly, you are the cornerstone of community, thanks and gratitude. Without you, the nights would be rather empty. And what a feast of entertainment and social engagement you have been treated to.

To our venues, thanks for opening your doors and your hearts. Thanks for standing with us.

Summer is upon us! Keep a look out for events happening around the Bay. Some are listed here in this issue of Crumb – but not all.

It is Christmas!
Peace to you.
Mark Raffills
Golden Bay Live Poets Society


You stand up behind the microphone
you speak the words you have written
you are not silent
you sing your song
it hangs in the room
lingers on the faces gathered
your words quicken the beat
of your own heart
they stir the shadow eyes of strangers
set fire to the stones on the beach;
this is obedience
to be who you are
to speak what you know
to say what you think
all the while
holding love in your hand
tasting the strength
of your own spirit;
you stand behind the microphone
you stand on the street corner
in your own kitchen.
in the workshop
together, alone
building community
crafting family
you stand behind the microphone