Henry Ludbrook’s poems are wide and deep just like the sky! That’s what is says on the back cover of his just released first collection of poems, ‘River Deliver Me’.

And spend some time reading through the book and you would have to wholeheartedly agree. Henry maps his life, word by deliberate word, and lets you in on all that he sees and experiences. The poems flow like a river of delightful simplicity yet the under current will have you gasping for breath at times. They are reverent in their compassion for people, friends, family, strangers and other writers.

Nelson Poet Jessica Le Bas has this to say of Henry’s poems, “In the quietness of Henry’s lines lies an old and beautiful wisdom, a connection to the world of light and truth – they spin magic.”

Henry lives in Nelson. He has been writing poems since he was 16 and has been published in Poetry NZ. You will enjoy the honesty, the humility and the joy of Henry’s performance.

Henry Ludbrook
Live @ Acid on the Microphone
Thursday 27 July 2023
7.30pm, Mussel Inn. $5