Finding a place to be

Without a fire there is no warmth; without bread we are consumed by hunger. A tentative joy is ours to carry when the fire burns in the hearth and the smell of freshly baked bread wafts from the windows of the kitchen. We weave our way back through the forest of questions and doubts to find our place again among those we count as friends.

We carry with us, on the twists and turns of the pathway, the security of the place we called home, where we have known both warmth and sustenance. We have been engulfed by the welcome afforded us there and have found strength and courage to stand strong, to walk through open doors and take our place where we belong.

This month we continue with our intimate open mic sessions at the MAD Cafe in Collingwood – Moonshine on the Microphone.  And we resume  the edgy Acid on the Microphone at the Mussel Inn.

Now that we have two open mic sessions each month, it would be excellent to see you out and about. Nothing like gathering together to build strength and resilience into our voices and into our being!

Details on the following pages.

Mark Raffills




Places of the heart









The old couch held us in comfort there
We laughed with ease
Food aplenty there was to share
And no one was kept away
Here was shelter from the storm
Friendship here to keep us warm
We ventured out to make our way
Every season was being born

On a cold autumn evening
We gathered to the fire
We sat each one on the wooden pews
And spoke in silence for a while
Just content to be here
Nothing needed to be said
We had known the cut of the chilling wind
And hunger through lack of bread.

Mark Raffills