MARCH 2023


There’s a storm a’comin’

There’s a storm a’comin’. It’s rumbling through the iron mountains. You can hear it in the howl of the lonesome wind, in the distant echo of the thunder, in the lash of the rain that cuts like a cat o nine tails across the proud flesh of man. There’s a storm a comin’ in the flood that rages across the valley and drowns the cry of man, woman and child, lost in agony and despair.

There’s a storm a’comin’. Stand in its path on feet of gold if you dare, throw the silver coins of betrayal into its way. Take shelter ‘neath a canopy of faith, stand on the rock of a redemption song and let it pass like the wailing of that dark night.

There’s a storm a’comin’. it is being met by the tremor of the voice at the microphone, by the courageous beat of every heart, by the footsteps of those who march to their own tune.

In this month of March we’ve got some powerful microphone events to which you can march right up and lend your own voice! In poem, song, music or word – plot your own course and shout down the storm for all you are worth.

Hope to see you at the Mussel Inn, the MAD Café or the Dangerous Kitchen in the coming days.


Mark Raffills
Golden Bay Live Poets Society

Red Cloud Storm

There is a storm coming
in the red clouds of fire
hanging like a plague
over the dark, deep valley,
they say it has been on it way
for quite some time,
ever since thought and freedom
were outlawed,
ever since the chains
were locked on the feet
and hands and mouths
of the unspoken ones.

There is a storm brewing
in the red clouds of fire,
in the howling winds clawing
at the tress to pull them down,
they say the gods are angry
and have been for some time,
angry at the pride of man,
at the destruction of greed,
at the disregard for life;
perhaps the storm will soon abate.
perhaps it is not too late.

Mark Raffills

Moonshine on the Microphone

Moonshine in Collingwood

The moon was quiet and alone last month. Looking for a little company tonight,Thursday 2 March. Come on down to the MAD Cafe in Collingwood at 7.00pm for a little socialising, a little enlivening of the town. Speak up the storm, tell a poem, sing a song. Be great to have a little Collingwood event.

Moonhshine on the Microphone
MAD Cafe, Collingwood
7.00 pm. Koha

Moonshine in Collingwood

Acid on the Microphone

Acid at the Mussel

What a stunner the first Acid on the Microphone session was!

What a night it was. A real stormer – the first Acid on the Microphone event for 2023. Emma Callaghan stole the show, Thursday 23 February, with a heart-stopping, breath-taking performance that had the packed Mussel Inn challenged to the depths of their hearts. Thanks to Emma for an eloquent and courageous performance laying the issue of racism wide open with a superb essay of the times.

Supporting Emma  we had a beautiful line up of performers for the open mic session – Jude, Julia, Alyesha, Isabelle and Tamsin plus groovy music from Alanjahjah and Joy to open and close the evening.

And not forgetting the most enthusiastic and encouraging audience along with the ever-warm hospitality of the Mussel inn staff. If this is 2023 we are in for a fabulous ride!!

We will have all the details of this months event shortly. It will be held on Thursday 23 March. Don’t forget to come back to Crumb in the next few days to find out who our guest will be!

Acid at the Mussel


The reality of NEWTON’S THEORY

The truth is, nothing is more real than a live performance of acoustic folk/rock from this local outfit comprising Barrett Newton and Neal Bonner and Ken Coburn.

Newton’s Theory are the featured guests at this Thursday’s  ACID ON THE  MICROPHONE – the open mic session hosted by Golden Bay Live Poets Society at the Mussel Inn.

The music of Newton’s Theory is raw-bones beautiful, reaching deep into the heart, standing as high as the furtherest star. Something extraterrestrial happens when these boys stand up to the microphone and sing their songs. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss.

And along with the songs there is a poem or two as Neil channels the works of  punk performance poet John Cooper Clarke.

It’s going to be an evening of heartbreak tunes, stunning melodies and raucous spoken work. Alanjahjah delivering the music post and mid show. Make it if you cam. Love to see you there.

Tentative Programme:
7.15pm. Music: Alanjahjah
7.30pm. Open mic poetry session: put your name on the list on the night.
Featured Guests: Newton’s Theory

The reality of NEWTON’S THEORY



Never was there ever such a night as this. The Dangerous Microphone was turned on mid January 2023 ready for a year of storm-fighting provocations, poems and songs! And it has been all of that already.

Same format this year. Performers grab a slot from 5.00pm  – Mark will be at the Dangerous Kitchen with the run sheet from that time. We plan to kick off around 5.30pm. Each performance slot is 7 minutes – time for one longer song, two very short songs or a couple of poems. Try and have instruments tuned and ready to go before you get to the microphone.

Audience you are fabulous. There would be no show without you. Your support of the performers is out of this world. We even have chatting chambers at either end of the Dangerous Kitchen if you want to catch up with friends and have a natter.

And don’t forget the refreshing beverages and out-of-this-world pizzas available all night from the kitchen, served by the friendly and talented staff.

Every week, the Dangerous Microphone belts out a storm warning. See you there.

The Dangerous Microphone
Every Week – 8, 15, 22 and 29 March 2023.
Kick of  5.30 at The Dangerous Kitchen



Steve and Ainsley Apirana

It was a long time ago, on another stage when Steve Apirana was doing Jimi Hendrix and the blues proud in his band, Butler, fresh from the success of their 1972 appearance at New Zealand’s first ever three day rock festival at Ngaruawahia.

From there it was a band called Judah where Steve met Ainsley. They married and since those days have co- piloted a professional music career from their Australian base.

Steve and Ainsley have performed their warm and raw brand of gospel, blues and folk right across Australia, up and down New Zealand and in Europe and North America. Both singers and songwriters in their own right, Steve and Ainsley have released six albums between them.

Here is an easy-flowing, uncluttered and unpretentious evening of vocal harmonies, blues guitar and a few good words. Bluegrass guitarist Jim Doak and local poet Mark Raffills will probably join them for a song or two. It’ll be an excellent Sunday evening.

Steve & Ainsley Apirana
Sunday 19 March
The Mussel Inn
7.30pm. $10

Steve & Ainsley Apirana
Saturday 18 March
Richmond Town Hall
7.00pm. Koha


Steve and Ainsley Apirana

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