ISSUE #3 – 20 APRIL 2022

April 19, 2022

The New Highway

One thing that has evolved out of the covid situation over the last couple of years is that people are finding new ways of doing things, new ways of living and gathering together. We are using our initiative, dreaming new dreams, finding courage and energy to stand firm for our hearts, our conscience and our community.  We are creating new shelters under which to weather the storms of change; we are building new highways and restoring burnt bridges.

This issue of Krumb outlines a few events happening on the poetry and music scene in Golden Bay and Nelson over the next little while. They illustrate just how changing times assist in the development of new alternatives and promote individual initiatives. For me, they represent the new highway and the rebuilding of bridges.

Check out these events and see if you can’t make it along some of them. Not only is getting out good for the soul, it also gives you a good dose of inspiration and a spoonful of encouragement!

Of course I’ve not listed everything that is happening in Golden Bay, Tasman or Nelson, only those events I know about. So, if you would like your event listed here just email me –

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I am walking on bridges
charred and twisted beyond recognition
but there is a strong beam or two
left standing, they take my weight
across the sad divide
and deliver me to the other side…
Mark Raffills

Open Microphone


It is happening again this coming Thursday  7 July!
Collingwood’s own voice!

Poets, story tellers, singers and musicians – you can register on the night. As Bob Dylan said, get on down to the MAD Cafe and ‘let your poor voice be heard’!!

Poems and stories and music plus a whole heap of bonhomie –  The bar and kitchen will be operating as usual so plenty of time for a meal beforehand and drinks throughout the evening.

Hope to  see you there, this Thursday.

Moonshine on the Microphone
MAD Cafe, Collingwood
This Thursday 7 July 2022, 7.30 pm.
$5 on the door



Spoken Word Live Performance


THEY are back, performing their new show Hysterical at the Mussel Inn on Thursday 19 May 2022. Don’t want to miss this one!

Women are frequently told they are too emotional – too hysterical – to be taken seriously, to be leaders of countries and companies, to be believed when pointing to their own hurt. Hysterical challenges these myths with poetry that confronts body politics, systemic sexism, and weeping uncontrollably in the supermarket.

Witness the reunion of internationally acclaimed poets Carrie Rudzinski and Olivia Hall, after the success of their previous show How We Survive.

Rudzinski is an award-winning poet, published author, and teaching artist and Hall is a celebrated poet and performer with a Masters in Gender Studies.

Hysterical intertwines social issues and personal stories to create a performance that is both confronting and accessible, powerful and needed. By weaving their voices together in duet, Rudzinski and Hall deliver a powerhouse performance encouraging the audience to laugh, cry, and experience emotion together.

Fierce, feminist, and fulfilling, Hysterical celebrates the multitudes of women and will leave you feeling empowered and alive. Come celebrate the hysteria in all of us.

Book via Eventfinda or enquire direct at The Mussel Inn or go here:


Spoken Word Open Microphone

Acid on the Microphone – you’re the voice!

Thursday 14 July, 2022, the daring, boundary-pushing open mic phenomena known as Acid on the Microphone hits the stage at the Mussel Inn. There never was a more supportive place for your voice to be heard.

Poems, songs, stories and provocations line up beside one another, and with trembling and with sure voice and with voices in between, the words and the music get to be heard.

Performers can register on the night. Audience, just roll on up too. We need you. A jolly good night’s entertainment guaranteed! Unfortunately,  Stellarize is no longer able to grace us with her music for the night, so bring your guitar and treat us to a tune or two.

See you Thursday 14th.


Acid on the Microphone
Mussel Inn
Thursday 14 July, 2022, 7.30 pm
$5 on the door



Acid on the Microphone – you’re the voice!

An Undivided Community


It’s been quiet on the Village Green these last few weeks so thought we would try a relocation for a while.  SOMA Cafe in Takaka have kindly welcomed us to their place for a lunch time session following on from Standing with Signs.  We plan to be set up at Soma from 12.45 pm each Friday. We hope you can come and join us and take part in the open mic sessions with songs, provocations and poems.

The location changes but the message remains almost the same. The big thing is still that masks must be worn in retail outlets. It’s time to stop this foolishness and acknowledge that mask wearing is largely ineffective when it comes to stopping the spread of a virus. And they are the single biggest instrument of division still plaguing our community. They must go.

And although  the ‘mandates’ have gone – or at least put into the back pocket for now –  we want to see it mandated that people who lost their jobs must be offered them back with reinstatement of lost wages.

The vax passports have gone into the back pocket too which means all events can run freely for now and we must make certain it stays this way for evermore.

So you can see, the work is not done yet. And there is nothing like a poem or a song or a few well-chosen words to Free Up the Microphone and strengthen the heart in its bold stand. Planning to be at Soma Cafe, Takaka,  every Friday from 12.45 pm, holding the space for an undivided community.

Free Up The Microphone
Soma Cafe, Takaka
Fridays, 12.45 pm