An Undivided Community


It’s been quiet on the Village Green these last few weeks so thought we would try a relocation for a while.  SOMA Cafe in Takaka have kindly welcomed us to their place for a lunch time session following on from Standing with Signs.  We plan to be set up at Soma from 12.45 pm each Friday. We hope you can come and join us and take part in the open mic sessions with songs, provocations and poems.

The location changes but the message remains almost the same. The big thing is still that masks must be worn in retail outlets. It’s time to stop this foolishness and acknowledge that mask wearing is largely ineffective when it comes to stopping the spread of a virus. And they are the single biggest instrument of division still plaguing our community. They must go.

And although  the ‘mandates’ have gone – or at least put into the back pocket for now –  we want to see it mandated that people who lost their jobs must be offered them back with reinstatement of lost wages.

The vax passports have gone into the back pocket too which means all events can run freely for now and we must make certain it stays this way for evermore.

So you can see, the work is not done yet. And there is nothing like a poem or a song or a few well-chosen words to Free Up the Microphone and strengthen the heart in its bold stand. Planning to be at Soma Cafe, Takaka,  every Friday from 12.45 pm, holding the space for an undivided community.

Free Up The Microphone
Soma Cafe, Takaka
Fridays, 12.45 pm