“…I got to have a little respect…” sings Aretha Franklin.  ‘Respect’, the song was a massive hit for Aretha back in 1967 and established her as the ‘Queen of soul’. The respect stayed with her until her death in 2018.

Respect for friends and neighbours and community – a sentiment that goers a long way to harbouring strong and healthy relationships and keeping our microphone humming.

Respect for the Microphone makes it a special and unique thing. It is what makes our open mic events such wonderful nights out for all. Let’s keep them going!

Take the opportunity, if you desire, to stand up behind the microphone and respect the time allocation, respect the audience, respect oneself, respect other performers, many of whom are a bundle of nerves and need our total support. Respect builds strength, creates humility and pockets the pride.

Coming up in this month of June, we have a stack of  Microphone events  for your edification and enjoyment. Come on out when you can, bring your poems and songs and stories; support the Microphone, the performers, the audience – our community!

As well as the open microphone sessions check out Di Mackey’s photography exhibition opening at the Dangerous Kitchen on Saturday 3 June, 5.00pm and Craig Denham’s Monday Community Song, every Monday at the Mussel Inn.

Love to see you at the Microphones!
Mark Raffills
Golden Bay Live Poets Society




In the arrogant moments,
we craft ourselves
the Golden Calf
and burden our hearts
with the myth
of our own divinity.

In the humble moments,
we are captured
by the silence
of the early morning
that leaves us breathless
in the arms of beauty.

Mark Raffills