Word & Poem

masked and anonymous

Some years ago Bob Dylan made a movie, masked and anonymous. Seems a little prophetic to me all this time later.

There is a thief in the house, a thief in the heart of all that builds resilience and strength and power; a thief set to steal our identity, to make us unrecognisable to friends and to the community from where we draw our strength; a thief who wants to muffle our voice, take the good air from our lungs and cover our face with fear.

As I see it, the policy of ‘masked and anonymous’ keeps nothing at bay, keeps no one ‘safe’ and only builds on a narrative that has little basis to commend it. Of course, there are other viewpoints too, which we must acknowledge with open debate and clear voice.

But right now, what does have a whole lot to commend it is our menu of unmasked open microphone and performance events coming up in August. They let you speak clearly, openly and freely.

Details on the following pages. Don’t be anonymous – make yourself known at one of these fabulous event.

Love & Peace


…he wants to cover your face
my darling, so we won’t know each other,
he wants to take your breath away,
to hide your lips so we can’t taste
sweet kisses every day.

he gags your mouth
and muffles your voice
so no one can hear your cry,
so no one will listen to you, darling,
when you shout to ask them why.

but like the sparrow falling, darling,
we will fall with our name intact
our lips will speak with honesty
our mouths with flames of fire,
while we wait for his second act…