Rapping up Winter

Where freedom sings! This freedom is more than just a folk song, strummed in the sanctuary of our own room. This freedom gives voice loud and clear to those who wish to listen, to those who have ears to hear.

The Dangerous Microphone is about freedom. Choice. Polish. It gives performers – from the timid to the more confident –  an opportunity to sharpen their talents and presentation skills with all the encouragement and love the audience offers.  So gather up some friends, grab a table and settle in for an evening meal and a glass of wine!

For performers, the booking sheet will be open from 5.00 pm.

And it is winter so the staff at the Dangerous kitchen will be taking a well deserved break from middle of July. Their last open day will be Saturday 15 July and they will re-open for business on Wednesday 30 August.

The Dangerous Microphone
Wednesdays, 5.30pm
5 and 12 July

The Dangerous Kitchen

Rapping up Winter