A Little Crumb

Sometimes ‘Yes’ Sometimes ‘No’

“…You say yes, I say no…”  A little bit of Beatles culture that may have greater significance now that it did back when the band sung it in the song Hello Goodbye.These two little words hold us together and equally, drive us apart.

The strength of our ‘yes’ and the power of our ‘no’ determines who drives the bus we are riding on. They are inherently political words.

Charles Eisenstein notes in his essay  ‘There’s No One Driving the Bus’  that the words ‘yes’ and ‘no’  are the atoms of agreement.

He says, “ They form the will of the governed. No small group can hold power over the rest for very long without their consent. But are we the masters of our own consent? That is the foundation we must restore if we are to restore democracy. Whatever powers pretend to rule the world today will wither in the radiance of the collective agreement of humans fully empowered in their ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

“To recover ‘yes’ and ‘no’ requires commitment and community. Strong are the bribes, threats, and habits that induce us to surrender sovereignty, to feign agreement with the intolerable, to shy away from the beautiful. It takes commitment to renounce the bribes, ignore the threats, and change the habits. When my commitment flags, I am blessed to witness others who are strong in their ‘yes’ and their ‘no’, who through their example restore me to my own.’

Just two little words, yet they have the strength and power to control your destiny, to set you free and to create your own place to stand.

Say ‘yes’ to the array of fabulous open mic nights coming up this month; say ‘yes’ to the new community initiative called ACTIONS SPEAK happening first Sunday of each month.

Enjoy Crumb – a small morsel of delight!

Read Charles Eisenstein’s full essay here: https://charleseisenstein.substack.com/p/theres-no-one-driving-the-bus?utm_source=email&publication_id=427455&post_id=74032708







Two Little words


Let your tongue
speak bold your heart,
speak it yes and yes,
speak it strong,
speak it no and no,
speak it powerful;

firm the foundation,
the rock of your feet,
the truth that you know,
speak it ‘yes’
and speak it ‘no’.
keep it simple,
straight forward,
courageous and brave,
link your arms,
speak it yes and yes
speak it no and no.