There is a song of the journey, springing from the lips of travellers and wayfarers. It stands upon a heart of joy, it is tuned into the mystery in all its hues and shades. It is fuel, undefined; it is the song that carries us across the great spread of heaven, dances us in the arms of the stars, beds us down in the light and warmth of the sun. This is the song that is in every heart. It’s tune is the truth, the question and debate. It is the song of the journey. It is the song of the daring microphone, the song that binds us one to another.

This is the month of May and the song is as loud and clear as it has ever been. And the poem too, speaking the joy and the mystery of all our humanity, telling the story of our lives. But not only the poet and the musician, but also the dancer and painter and storyteller too. The song of the journey, plotting our road from the ‘cradle to the grave’ and singing of all the days in between.

Over the coming month, the microphone will be turned on at The Mad Café, The Dangerous Kitchen and The Mussel Inn. So come “tell it and speak it and think it and breath it.” Sing the song of the journey that inhabits your heart; the road rolls on and we got to travel on it.

See you at the microphone!
Golden Bay Live Poets Society



We are on the long road
we are mining for gold
we are telling the stories
that have forever been told.

And the words that we find
are the badges we wear
through light seasons of hope
and the dust of despair.

Come stack up the wood
and watch the flame fall
put our heart on the altar
better to walk than to crawl.

Kiss the stars with our lips
give our blood to the moon
we chase after the sun
on a pale afternoon.

Share our food with the hungry
our stories with the deaf
we know we’ve got everything
when we’ve got nothing left.

We kick open the door
when the town is closed
we are on the long road
that nobody knows.

Mark Raffills