The song sung as bright as the stars on a moonless night; the poem spoken as loud as the midnight choir that shook the hillside. This is the beginning of something new; the conclusion of something old. Such is the season we embark upon. Little gatherings cease during the transition from the old to the new. We pause for breath; polish the lens for a brighter tomorrow and hold each other warmly.

And so it is with our open microphone events in December. As the star settles on the microphone, it is time to sound the trumpet enthusiastically before we take a wee break during the Christmas and New Year season.

Coming up in December we have Moonshine on the Microphone this Thursday 7 December, resuming again in February.

The Dangerous Microphone goes weekly on Wednesdays through to and including Wednesday 20 December, resuming weekly from Wednesday 10 January.

Acid on the Microphone at the Mussel Inn will be on Thursday 14 December and will resume in February.

Here’s to peace and the best time with family and friends; here’s to a relaxing season of thoughtfulness, love and neighbourly action.

Go well
Mark Raffills
Golden Bay Live Poets Society



a single birth
beneath a solitary star
a host of angles sing
a simple song of glory
shepherds and lambs
kneel in the dust
of an ageless promise
that cuts a narrow road
through the corridors
of time.


a single birth
a herald of ten thousand more
a child worth
every gift that kings
could bring
to honour
that humble cry
that cuts a signature
across the timeless face
of eternity.