The New Highway

One thing that has evolved out of the covid situation over the last couple of years is that people are finding new ways of doing things, new ways of living and gathering together. We are using our initiative, dreaming new dreams, finding courage and energy to stand firm for our hearts, our conscience and our community.  We are creating new shelters under which to weather the storms of change; we are building new highways and restoring burnt bridges.

This issue of Krumb outlines a few events happening on the poetry and music scene in Golden Bay and Nelson over the next little while. They illustrate just how changing times assist in the development of new alternatives and promote individual initiatives. For me, they represent the new highway and the rebuilding of bridges.

Check out these events and see if you can’t make it along some of them. Not only is getting out good for the soul, it also gives you a good dose of inspiration and a spoonful of encouragement!

Of course I’ve not listed everything that is happening in Golden Bay, Tasman or Nelson, only those events I know about. So, if you would like your event listed here just email me –

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I am walking on bridges
charred and twisted beyond recognition
but there is a strong beam or two
left standing, they take my weight
across the sad divide
and deliver me to the other side…
Mark Raffills