Its the best for our open microphone events.
Can’t beat fireside songs and poems!

This month is the last of the Dangerous Microphone sessions at the Dangerous Kitchen before they take their winter break. So come on down and make the most of the opportunity to tell your poems, sing your songs and meet up with friends and neighbours! The first one for the month is tonight – 3 July!

Moonshine on the Microphone with as potluck feast happens at NgAng’s Gallery in Collingwood tomorrow night, 4 July. And Acid on the Microphone at the Mussel inn is on Thursday 11 July – all acoustic and open mic all night.

And we have gigs listed for The Hobnail Trio, Craig Denham, Clayton Taylor and Mark Raffills – all in this issue of Crumb!

Mark Raffills
Golden Bay Live Poets Society

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