Holding the space is a consistency thing. Keeping our open microphone sessions going takes time and effort and a heap of goodwill. We have been blessed over the years with tremendous support and love. These are the things that light our fire and build up the community, both in front and behind the microphone!

Both audience and performers hold the open mic space and keep it for its intended purposes. Takes courage sometimes to stand up for the constructive space and not give way to those who would try and turn it into a destructive space – but courage is something that grows the more it is exercised!

A big thanks to all who have made sure our open microphone sessions continue to be fit for purpose, providing one of the best nights entertainment in town and offering a platform for emerging and established talent.

This month we continue with six fabulous evenings of positive late-autumn entertainment. Find the microphone at The Mussel Inn,  Onekaka, the Dangerous Kitchen, Takaka and NgAngA’s Gallery, Collingwood.

Special guest at Acid on the Microphone this month is riveting storyteller Aralyn Doiron – “I enjoy telling human stories with my work using humour, irony and hidden images,” says Aralyn.

Craig Denham is back with Monday night sing-alongs at The Mussel Inn too.

And Golden Bay Bluegrass will be headlining 45 Minutes of Glory at the Dangerous microphone on Wednesday 22 May.

All details on the following pages.
Love, as always, to see you in one of these open mic spaces.
Mark Raffills
Golden Bay Live Poets Society


By this night
the full moon
holds court,
breaks the hold
of darkness,
lights up the space
the traveller
and makes the way


By this day
the yellow sun
warms the earth
and every heart
that travels on it,
by the heat
and fire and light
the space is kept
and secure.

By this season
the garden
grows by rain
and clear skies,
the soil is turned,
the seed
in the space,
the traveller
tends the harvest.

Mark Raffills