Aralyn Doiron, storyteller, live at The Mussel Inn

Since that anonymous neanderthal took a charred stick to the cave wall to record the tale of a hunt–stories, the telling and re-telling of them has run like a golden thread connecting all of humanity.  There is not one culture known that does not use storytelling-it underpins everything we do: entertainment education, healing, commerce and activism. Our belief systems are stories.  The stories that every culture has left behind are all the distilled essence of human experience, so it could easily be called the language of humanity.

And speaking that language, Aralyn Doiron, story teller, will be the featured guest at this month’s edition of Golden Bay Live Poet’s Society’s gathering, hitting the stage at the Mussel Inn.

Weaving words with delicate skill into spellbinding tapestries, Aralyn captures the hearts and minds of both old and young. She knows how to look at things back to front, upside down and right way up! That way, she says  she’s got everything covered and can spread her net of words wide and on both sides of the boat, so to speak.

“The first time I was called a “storyteller”, I did not know much about story telling and my reaction was not a pleasant one,”  Aralyn, explains.
“ Like many people, I had the idea that “storytelling” was boring, baby-voiced cuteness or stodgy men rehashing dusty irrelevant tales with heavy handed morals and I was not one bit interested. “

“ But when it was pointed out to me that all of my artwork, teaching, healing and performance was actually storytelling –a queen-sized piece of my life-puzzle fell from the sky and landed smack on my head!”

From that point Aralyn’s  way of being in the world and her diverse passions, made complete sense.  She plunged headlong into this world of story to study with the renowned tellers and teachers of the International School of Storytelling, Ashley Ramsden and Sue Hollingsworth. This training gave even the most mundane tale of a cold breakfast the glimmer of wonder.

Aralyn enjoys telling timeless tales and autobiographical stories. She occasionally offers storytelling workshops to share skills and magic beyond the words.

“This is story telling at its finest, notes Golden Bay Live Poets spokesman Mark Raffills. “A pin dropping on the floor would shatter the silence with a thunderous roar; such is the ability of Aralyn to transport the listener to other places and times, oblivious to the reality of the present. We are going to be in for a treat, that’s for sure.”

Acid on the Microphone
at The Mussel Inn
Thursday 16 May
$5 on the door.